Pool Inspections

Get the Florida Dream – Without the Worry
A pool or spa is something every homeowner wishes to have in Florida. However, it is a very expensive system to have and maintain. To help you with your purchasing decision or to help you manage it well, a pool and spa inspection is what you need.
If you look into a pool from the deck, you will surely not be able to notice hairline cracks or damage on the pool surface. It is hard to check for tiles that go under the surface. It is even more difficult to check whether the filtering system is functioning well or if the water chemistry is safe to swim in.. However, these are issues that you need to know about in order to avoid unpleasant, expensive surprises in the future. If you are looking forward to becoming a pool owner, make sure you have the system checked first through a reputable and experienced pool inspector.
 We physically evaluate all of the accessible components of the pool and spa, which consists of 7 distinct phases:

1.Placement and protection – includes gates, fencing, screen enclosures, location of electrical outlets, proximity to electrical wires, and placement in the home or property.

2.Vessel and coping – includes the pool and the deck’s surface condition (e.g. discoloration, cracks, pitting), the coping surrounding pool (for cracks or open joints), and drains (presence of anti-vortex covers)

3.Equipment – evaluation of the pool and spa lights, junction box location and condition, piping, filters, timers, heaters, controls, disconnects, skimmers, accessories, and appropriate electrical bonds

4.Equipment operation – covers operation of the pump, proper skimming and filtration, checking for leakage, heater activation, operation of hot tub blower, and filter pressure.
5.Water Chemistry - precise water analysis with 12 test to let you know exactly what condition the water is in. Water that is out of balance can be unsafe and cause severe damage to your pools surface and equipment. 

6. Leak Anyalasis - we will use our "Leakalyzer" to determine if there is a leak present and how much water your pool is loosing in a day. If we determine that there is a leak we will recommend a full leak detection. Leak Detection is an additional charge of $300 but will tell you precisely where the leak is located as well as an estimate to fix it.

​7. Inspection Report - after we have completed the inspection, we will provide a very detailed report with photos and diagrams indicating areas of concern as well as estimates to correct the issues that are found.

Pool Inspections Starting at $250  (for just pool) 
$50 for each additional water feature ie: Spa, Waterfall, Fountain

AquaServ specializes in swimming pool inspections. We work closely with Real Estate Agents and/or directly with the potential home buyers who are interested in having the swimming pool on the property inspected. AquaServ has helped new home buyers make informed decisions BEFORE making one of the biggest investments of their life.