Pool repairs are a fact of life for pool owners. At AquaServ, we strive to complete any pool services or pool repairs in a timely manner, while using the highest quality parts and tools available. We carry a complete stock of replacement parts ensuring that the downtime of your pool is kept to a minimum. If the part needed is not in stock, we utilize a network of distributors throughout Florida, as well as other states to facilitate us in getting the needed parts quickly.

Pool Pumps
Pool pumps are the work horse of the filtration system of any pool. A pool pump consists of two main parts: the pump housing and the motor. Today's pumps are traditional single speed pumps, two speed pumps or variable speed pumps. A two- speed pump spends most of the time operating at a lower horsepower, and then is switched into the higher speed when needed to power the spa jets or perhaps the pool cleaner. The advantage of operating in the lower speed is the tremendous savings on your power bill. A variable speed pump has multiple speeds that can be set individually for each task required. The motor is an ultra high-efficiency motor designed for cooler, quieter operation and longer motor life than a traditional pool motor. Whatever type of pump you may have, you can rest assured that AquaServ is the most qualified pool company to service, repair and upgrade your pool pump.

Filter Repair
Pool filters are a vital part of a pool's equipment. There are currently three different types of swimming pool filters available: diatomaceous earth filters, cartridge filters, and sand filters. Diatomaceous filters utilize a powder called diatomaceous earth or DE. The DE coats the internal grids of the filter, and water is pumped into the filter through the grids. This leaves virtually pure, completely filtered water to return to the pool. Cartridge filters utilize a pleated cartridge to filter the water. Cartridge filters generally should be reserved for smaller bodies of water such as a spa. Sand filters utilize a mixture of sand and pea gravel. The water is pumped into the top of the filter, passes through the sand bed, and then exits the filter. Regardless of the type of pool filter you have, AquaServ is the most qualified company to service and repair or upgrade your current filter.

Pool Heating
It is great to know that you can enjoy your pool all year long with our pool heating service exclusive from AquaServ. Whether you want to fix your pool heater or install a new one, you’re in good hands with our trained technicians. With a pool heater you’ll be able to control your water temperature depending on the outside climate. We can perform routine and /or last minute pool heater services and work with you to fine-tune the water temperature and the desired flow. If you’re considering replacing an old pool heater (about 72% efficient) you can have increase to 82% efficiency with a new pool heater installed.
Automatic Pool Cleaner
Many pools we serve today are equipped with automatic pool cleaners or in-floor cleaning systems, and although optional, the automatic cleaner is one piece of equipment we at Aqua Doc's highly recommend our customers getting. There are specialty cleaners made for all types of in ground pools as well as above – ground pools. We work with two types of pool cleaners: the ones that work off the suction line of the pool and are install in a skimmer and those that work off the pressure side.

Pool Automation
Pool automation allows you to program your swimming pool and basically put it on autopilot. Pool automation technology has become very advanced, and pool automation systems are now available to help owners manage all pool functions.

One of the most important pool automation solutions is automatic monitoring of PH and sanitizer levels. Automatic monitoring of PH and sanitizer levels allow you to maintain high quality water in your pool at all times. Benefits include improved safety, convenience, and lower costs of chemicals and pool repairs. It is also better for the environment.

More advanced pool automation systems also allow you to change the temperature in the pool or spa, turn on the jets, waterfalls or other water features, and turn on the lights. Many systems allow you to do these functions remotely with the use of your cell phone or through the use of timers. With the simple touch or a button or a simple phone call, you can manage all necessary functions to keep your pool running efficiently.

Lighting Repair  
Many people think that you have to drain the pool in order to perform a pool light repair. In fact, your pool light is like a sealed cup. This allows us to work on the light housing above water. It is easy to get the light out of the pool and disassembled but it very tricky to get everything back together PROPERLY and sealed watertight. One of our experienced AquaServ's technicians will be able to service your pool light repair efficiently and accurately.